Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Suddenly I feel like a middle-aged parent than a young college student

Had to get this out: mom told me a few of her crazy "spring break" stories, one of them involving her male friends, bricks, some rope, and male genitalia. She called it "beating the brick," I call it a quick way to lose your dick. Needless to say, I am disturbed. Apparently, listening to a local radio show made me realize mom's stories are tame.

I heard from one caller today that during her spring break, she got hot-and-heavy with this dude she was about ready to jump his bones, but couldn't becasue neither one had protection, so she does the logical thing, and snatches a used condom from the trash, turns it inside can see where i'm going with this. Another female caller talked about her week in some city in Mexico, and how she wond up doing a home-made porno with three other guys and got paid $150 dollars for her "performance."

My question today: Does shit like this really happen on spring break? And am I the only college student in America who doesn't find that kind of hardcore partying attractive or fun?

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Anonymous said...

That is neither "partying" or "fun"

The stories you mention seem too far fetched to be real, but sometimes reality is worse than fiction.

My suggestion to you is this. Do no put yourself in that situation. NEVER.

Without going into too much detail, it still seems not long ago when one of my friends ended up in juvie.

More recently, another friend and some guy were doing this chick, same thing, without a condom. The three of them drunk and high on who knows what shit. I was not there. I am telling you briefly what my friend told me. I took his word because we both knew there was no need for BS between us. Long story short, the girl turned around and accused both idiots of rape.

Another recent instance. Bunch of guys, my friend, my cousin and me.
Those idiots were drunk, stoned, and burning rock.

Same thing. One idiot goes off for who know what, then people start taking sides, mostly to take control of the situation. Someone pulls out a gun. Then I am thinking WTF I am doing here?

My friend invited me to his birthday party. He kept reminding me. He even stocked a couple of bottles for me and selected friends. He made reservations at a hotel for the "after party" bash.

Fuck that. I didn't show up. I know better than hanging out with those fucking idiots.

Be careful Jonathan. Crazy shit does happen. Better you read or hear about it than YOU telling your version of the story.

Average American Patriot

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