Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Will you really, Rush? Pretty please?

Please, Democrats: pass health care reform through reconciliation so "The drugster" can carry out his promise of leaving America!

Dude, i'll come over and pack for free! Please, when health care reform passes, act on your promise!


john t said...

I heard his comment today. One guy on MSNBC said he should move to Somlia. There's hardly any government and no health care. I think Rush would fit right in.

et said...

Let just say, selfishly enough...anywhere but Canada!!

Anonymous said...

He's threatening to move to Costa Rica.

john t said...

"He's threatening to move to Costa Rica."

I wonder why. Did he find out they prostitute out young boys there?

et said...

Oh, I knew about him mentioning Costa Rica, that socialized health care paradise...but, come on. A few Oxycontin in the guy, who knows what plane he's likely to hop aboard? Anything starting with a "C" and ending in an "A" might be the unfortunate recipient.

One cannot be too careful.

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