Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An Invitation To Danny

An invitation to little Danny boy at Dollar's Dump. He's always spouting off over there how when he goes to another site he always is civil and wants an intelligent conversation. Well he doesn't seem to venture off of Dollar's Dump under the name Danny. The names I suspect him going under on other sites he's neither civil or intelligent. Here is a comment he left on the Dump.


It is really hilarious to see little Johnny Troll call someone else a troll. There may be no bigger troll on the internet than him. He speaks of others doing nothing but call names, and he is too dimwitted to realize that the person he is describing is himself. Littlejohnny troll has never had a thought in his head. All he can do is sit around and slobber all over himself and make faces (like a moneky). Forget fixing stupid. littlejohnny troll would need to improve immensely before he would even reach the level of stupid.

Here is your chance little Danny boy to show how "civil" and "intelligent" you can be.


john t said...

Sorry, I should have put a title with that.

Anonymous said...

Like a Moneky?

john t said...

"Like a Moneky?"

Yeah, Danny boys real intelligent. Just ask him, he'll tell you.

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