Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ask Batvette A Question Don't Expect Batvette To Answer

Much like one of his heroes Billo Batvette is forever whining about getting taken out of context. When I asked him what the context of some of his most vile, sexist and racist quotes was he answered:

My tenure in the inner forum here was very short, though I used to regularly visit the news article comments over a span of a few years. Maybe since 2004?
When the Iraq war was fresh news I would post in a relevant article and get mobbed, it was kind of fun as newshounds was very busy. The big secret was I only came here when receiving a 48 hour suspension from the place I regularly posted at, which had a ridiculously strict moderation policy. Even today though I don't go there it's only infested with trolls who learned to
game their moderation "karma" point system and instead of argue the issue will bait you to make the most trivial flame. If I say "you're dumb" that's 3 points lost. I can say "that's dumb" and it's not a flame BUT if that is all I say they delete it and I lose three points for trolling with an irrelevant comment.

Hopelessly petty, everyone begs to be a mod there so they can join in inflicting gestapo enforcement pleasure.

Here's the funniest part about newshounds article comments. After a couple years I tired of coming but once in a while would lurk and watch someone new comment supporting the war. Even though I hadn't been here in months if they put up a good argument and didn't run they would get accused of being batvette. Or at least say they sounded like me.

too funny.

BTW I'm posting here, the IMDB politics board, once in awhile the f88 MTB poser board (offshoot of the MTBR politics/social/religion board which the owners purged when the whole board exposed the site's main advertiser's owner, a bicycle mfr, as a liar-funny stuff) NowPublic, youtube, a few others. (youtube is great as I'm limited to 500 char)So count you stalk me wherever you like and you'll see I have nothing to hide.

Did he answer the question? I have seen his Youtube page. It's nothing but blonde leather dominatrix videos. Which I guess fits that Latex women's mask he bought.


john t said...

Batshit doesn't really have any answers to any questions to him. Over on the NHs Forum he started this thread with this title:

"Human caused GW is likely a myth and can be proven easily"

Well it's 5 pages and he still hasn't "easily" proven it's a myth. I think Sergei is his big road block to proving it "easily".

et said...

"Inner forum," eh? Batty makes the OT sound like the elite levels of Masonic initiation...not the smart-aleck kids getting sent to the den in the basement so they wouldn't bother the grownups.

And isn't it cute how he thinks other posters were mistaken for him because they made "good arguments" and "didn't run"?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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