Friday, March 12, 2010

PETA Is Nuts

Now having had to feed chickens for two weeks (that's all I could stand) I can tell you there is no filthier animal on this planet except maybe us and the first thing I did when I got away from that farm was say take me to the Colonel so I can get my revenge. What do the fine folks at PETA think that people on farms with Chickens often ate just to survive? And I would imagine still do if the circumstances demand it?

Are These People For Real?

“With the nagging back problems that plagued him throughout his career, Bird is the first person who should sympathize with the millions of chickens who are killed for McDonald’s — chickens whose wings, legs and backs are routinely broken,” PETA director Dan Shannon, who describes himself as a lifetime Boston Celtics fan, said in a release.”


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Anonymous said...

I should explain to our new readers that I am absolutely an Animal lover and I agree with many of PETA's aims but I also believe the group is populated by in large by nuts.

These people do far more harm for their causes than good.

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