Friday, April 2, 2010

Random Questions: Sex, Politics, and Riots n' Roll Edition

Last week marked a huge milestone, as President Obama and House Speaker Pelosi made history and passed health care reform in this country; the first time any president has been able to do so in a century, and the largest domestic achievement since Lyndon Johnson passed Medicare and Medicaid in the 1960's. Conservatives, meanwhile, did what they normally do when they come up short: throw a tantrum by way of threatening to repeal the bill, or egging on the already messed-up followers who take the right-wing rhetoric too seriously. And Tiger Woods has competition for world's biggest horndog/scumbag husband who can't keep his dick in his pants for 5 minutes. Here's the latest installment of Jonathan's Random Questions dealing with the week that was.

- Now that President Obama finally passed health care reform, can the President now abandon the notion that the GOP has any interests in working with him in a bipartisan manner? The fact that conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh said that he wanted the president to fail should have given him the signal that being a post-partisan president wasn't going to be in the cards just because he harped about bridging the partisan divide in America. The moment he took the Oath of Office, the Republicans have been about one thing: No. No to passing health care reform (a government takeover that will kill defenseless, sweet, old granny!). No to Cap and Trade (global warming is sci-fi baloney!). No to 80-90 appointments Obama wants for certain positions in the Cabinet the haven't voted on or blocked entirely (he needs these people to carry out his agenda? Over our dead bodies, he will!). We need Obama to fight for the things he campaigned on: Reforming Wall Street, repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell, closing the detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, etc. The GOP have made the cynical bet to be obstructionists, rather than acting as the loyal opposition party, with one purpose in mind: bringing your presidency down and taking back the White House. Its far past time to bury bi-partisanship and tell the GOP, like you did on Sunday: to kiss your black ass, we're going to move foreword with you, and drag you along, if need be.

- ...and speaking of the Grandstanding Obstructionist Pricks, why does this party continue to act like a group of toddlers throwing a fit when their favorite toy is taken from them? Its one thing to be the loyal opposition; to provide alternative solutions to the issues facing our country, and to do it that challenges ideas, encourages debate and always shows respect and class for the other side is what's desperately needed more than ever in D.C. The way the GOP is doing it - offering zero solutions, and egging on its base of idiotic, lock-step bigots, homophobes, and reactionaries with the battle cry that President Obama is a Marxist who's coming to take away your guns, kill granny through offering her some decent health care (OMG, the bastard!) and fuck your white wives and barely legal daughters - is not providing respectful opposition. Its a party that's saying, "We're willing to do whatever it takes to destroy this President in order to get back into power, and if the country suffers, so be it, for the ends justify our righetous means." It is my greatest hope the Republicans, for once, act on John McCain's slogan of "Country First!", tell AM radio clowns Beck, Limbaugh, and the like to shove it, and work with us to solve some of these problems our country is facing.

- This random question is a two-parter: a.) why do call famous husbands, who cheat on their famous wives, monsters? Adolf Hitler, Idi Amen, Joseph Stalin, etc. - those people were monsters. Reality TV star Jesse James isn't a monster, and neither is Tiger Woods. The pair of 'em are just lyin', cheatin' bastards who'll have sex with anything that resembles a vagina. And b.) if your married and you're still itching to chase down babes and have hot, wild, kinky sex with 'em, why the hell are you married in the first place!? If the drama between Elin-Tiger and Sandra-Jesse should teach men everywhere something, it's that if you're going to continue to act like a man-whore who has contacts of all the women you're still fucking on your Blackberry, long after the priest announces you and your fiancee as husband and wife, then you need to think twice before you tie the knot.


Anonymous said...

Answer to question #1. The President never should have said anything about bipartisanship to begin with. He should have said if you want to work with me to clean your shit up fine if you don't fuck off. The American people have spoken and they think you absolutely suck.

Answer #2 Why do famous men cheat? because they can. I love this new sex addict bullshit. You know how you know if you are a sex addict? If you are famous and you have caused a scandal... you are addicted to sex. If you are famous and you haven't been caught yet you are not.

Anonymous said...

Gee, Jonathan.

There is little else that can be added to your point # 1, other than there are complete and abject morons who actually believe the tripe spouted by Limpo and the mini Baboons. Yes. Those knuckle-draggers DO exist.

As far as the gNOpig politicians, I am also in disbelief as to WHY they continue hurting the Country.

I understand for many is just uncomfortable to leave the federal tit alone and actually do some productive work, and there is also the ego trip in frustrating your "enemy," but those are the politics of mutual destruction enjoyed by psychopaths. It is exactly what you said, a childish tantrum - I'm not getting my way but I'll be damned if I let you get yours, even if it kills us both -

Which leads us to your second point, why are some men unfaithful dogs?

Back to the issue of emotional immaturity and lack of responsibility. The first part tells you -It is there for the taking, and you know you are going to like it-
The second part tells you - Do it. You can get away with it -
Both are irrational motivations because when one gets caught, there is indeed a price to pay. Just think about anyone who has been caught, I won't go into the list.

As far as Jesse James and Tiger Woods, I don't give a fuck. And I don't give a fuck about what some shit head on the boob tube or the Enquirer says about it.

It is GOSSIP, Jonathan. Don't waste you time. Next time you hear about this garbage, turn it off.

Your question regarding the motivation, the "WHY" is valid. There are some anthropologists and other specialists who believe this behavior may actually derive from an innate instinct to propagate the species.

Here is your homework, Jonathan.
Do a giggles on "why men cheat" books. Better yet, after the giggles, head to the library and try to find those books.

The point here. This issue is as old as mankind itself. And for you to go out for a walk and pick up something else grabbing your attention in the "new books" section.


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