Saturday, April 24, 2010

What Do You Think?

I have made my opinions of this guy fairly well known I do not like him. I know that he gets labeled as a "liberal" from people who have either never actually listen to him and heard he was gay ( so he must be liberal) or by people who are so far right that Hitler was a liberal by comparison. It sure seems obvious to me that anybody who says stupid shit almost nightly like "why is Islam the only religion you can't talk bad about?" Or has talking points that often are almost word for word the same as Hannity's is no Liberal.

Where do you stand?


Anonymous said...

I don't care about his sexual orientation.

He has actually done reporting from different situations, so that is a plus; he can say that he actually is a reporter.

I don't remember him saying something as stupid as KKKlownnity does. Perhaps he does. But I don't watch CNN much, so perhaps the Count is correct.

Rather, I don't pay much attention at what the TV talking heads are saying. I usually have the 'puter running as I scan to see HOW PREDICTABLE the wingnutz may react to the news. And of course, guess what is the better place to hear absolute STUPIDITY wrapped in fake patriotism?


Anonymous said...

There was a stretch there where I swear Cooper would be Alec Baldwin and so would Hannity. Then Cooper would be stop snitching and then Hannity would be stop snitching. Now Hannity was always a day behind so I don't put past him to just be so fucking lazy he was stealing ideas. But then Conservative's have think tanks that spit their talking points anyway. that's why they all say the same fucking thing.

The Baldwin thing is exhibit A to me on what a douche Cooper is. The same guy who is always talking about the importance of keeping a private life private spent a week on a private phone call between a man and his daughter.

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