Sunday, April 25, 2010

A birthday weekend and other thoughts

First off, thanks to the Count, RalphyFan, and everyone who either wished me a happy birthday on Banned and Dangerous, or through social networking via Facebook. My 20th birthday celebration was quiet for the most part, primarly because Mom doesn't get paid until next Friday, so we held off on celebrating until then. That didn't mean great things didn't go down: I talked to Kerri Greene over the phone on Friday (most of you know her simply as Keg from the NH O/T Forum) for over an hour. Such an amazing, down-to-earth woman she is. We discussed music, karma, the importance of throwing out positives in the universe, and horses, among other things.

Saturday and today consisted of more laid-back coolness, though I did recieve a shock when dad bought me a new, 22-inch Sony Bravia HDTV for my room. Now all I need is a cable box for it...After that, it was movie time with mom. We saw The Losers, which was awful, but a good awful. A good awful means that the movie was so bad, it was actually entertaining to watch (see The Day After Tomorrow when Jake Gyllenhaall was trying to outrun the hyperfrost that cast over Manhattan after a typhoon-like storm leaves half the city underwater). A bad kind of awful is when the movie is bad and contunies to get worse and worse (see the 2 1/2 hour loud, dumb, violent, misogynistic, and racial stereotype parade of steaming shit that was Trasnformers: Revenge of the Fallen), the kind of movie I do my best to avoid like the Plauge.

Thanks again for all the warm wishes on my birthday, they meant more than any gift I could get.

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theroachman said...

A late Happy birthday!!!

Only one more year and you can drink legal like!!!

I'll Woot!!! for that!

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