Friday, April 2, 2010

Reverend Jeremiah: Noah's Ark - A True Story

Welcome once again, Godless sodemites, to another editon of The (batshit) Passion of the Jeremiah. Tonight, the good revened takes his message over to Blogs For and explains how the Almighty wants us to rape this beautiful and majestic land we call Earth for our own, and how the Story of Noah's Ark is not just some cock-and-bull stroy kids read about in elementary school.

jeremiah06 says:
April 1, 2010 at 11:14 pm
God gets angry, Sir Willy. But not because of what man is doing to the planet … He put resources here for us to use them, exploit them, trees, coal, oil, metal, rock, water, etc, etc.

God gets angry because people love the resources He gave them more than Him, and yes, money is one of them … but money is not bad, in and of itself. He especially doesn’t like it when His house, the Lord’s house, a house of prayer and worship, is made into a den of robber barons.

Disobedience in general constitutes God’s wrath – not going to church, not tithing ten percent of your earnings, adultery, murder, stealing, coveting, etc, etc.

Disobedience is what God destroyed mankind once before for, and He flooded mankind out, drowned them all by righteous Noah, and He drowned all the creatures of the field except those He commanded Noah to take on the Ark.

Amazing and true story … you should read it sometime.


Anonymous said...

How does Jerry know God so damned well? Now either Jerry is running a call girl service for the almighty and there for is the great one's right hand man OR Jerry honestly believes he is God himself.

BTW nice of Jerry to um "borrow" from the fine critical thinker Ann Coulter.

Anonymous said...

Somebody please explain to Jerry also how big and ark would have to be to hold 7 pairs of every "clean" animal and 2 of every "dirty" one.

Anonymous said...

I am watching Natural Geographic as I write this.

This show is called "Mother Warthog" or sumthin like that, with lions, leopards and cheetas trying to have some ham for breakfast.

So, the thought crossed my mind.

I wonder what the daily menu was like in the Ark?


theroachman said...

teaparty photos see url

et said...

Love how Jer always omits "bearing false witness." As usual, it's often as much or more about what you don't say as what you do say...

Is it not, Mister "Jesus-Would-Want-You-To-Mountaintop-Mine-Indiscriminately"?

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