Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Rude Pundit

The Rude Pundit

Why Does Nebraska Think Women Are Idiots?:
Last month, Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman, a Republican, opposed a bill that would have provided prenatal care for poor women in his state. His refusal to back the legislation was based solely on the fact that the bill would have provided such care for illegal immigrants, despite the offer from private donors to give $3 million to cover illegals. State Senator Brad
Ashford, who sponsored the bill, said that he just wanted to help "unborn babies." Because the legislature lacked the votes to override an expected veto, the bill has been put on ice.

Today, Governor Heineman is expected to sign two bills passed by the legislature regarding abortion. Now, logic would seem to dictate that, since Heineman obviously could give a rat's ass if healthy babies are born, the new legislation must be something like "free abortions for everyone." Ah, but then you'd be using your thinking brain.

Because, and this is hilarious, considering Heineman's previous action, one of the bills that is about to become law (briefly, before the court challenge) contains the statement that the it is "an expression of the will of the people of the State of Nebraska and the members of the Legislature to provide protection for the life of the unborn child whenever possible." Except, of course, when that unborn child happens to be encamped in the womb of an undocumented Ecuadoran maid.


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