Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's Butler And Puke In The Finals


Anonymous said...

Sadly I am picking Duke. I have a Butler shirt though and I will be wearing it. A in-law has Colts season tickets so we got to go see a game and at a Indianapolis mall they were giving away these shirts like 4 for the price of one. I got like 16 shirts of colleges that you don't hear a lot about including Butler.

Anonymous said...

Duke will be practicing today, 2 hours of flopping and an hour of whining

The Dreaded Patrick said...

While In my heart I want Butler to win, my wallet wants and needs Duke to win, I will win the basketball pool that my employers puts on and first prize is $350 bucks but even if Duke does lose I will at least get $100. If Butler wins it willbe a Cinderella story just like Texas Southern beating Kentucky, NC State beating Houston and Villanova beating Georgetown. A true Hoosiers story, which we all know that the finals of that movie was shot on Butler's home floor.

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