Thursday, April 22, 2010

The more them "illegals" come to America, the more like them we'll become!

neocon1/frm. marine rears his ugly, bigoted head again.

neocon1 says:
April 22, 2010 at 8:00 am

Stupid really is as stupid does – now we’ll get to see if California has an ounce of sense left in it.

Europeans had the Sistine chapel in the 1400’s and Michael Angelo painted it in the 1500’s, built the tower of Pisa, aqueducts, the Romans built huge architectural wonders that still stand today.

The central Americans,, Africans, and native indians, lived in thatched – mud huts and had tribal communities until the mid 1800’s.

America was built on European independence, skill, Christianity, and freedom.
As we bring in more and more third world tribal people we will become more like them, 3 rd world hell hole murderous societies, who want to be governed from cradle to grave by a tribal oligarchy not a constitutional republic.

We wont stand for long once we reach the tipping point….welcome to the new America/haiti/mexico… by islamists…

Instead of going after this moron, I pity him and his ilk that share similar beleifs.
In the past years, African Americans, Latinos, women, etc. have been making strides and broken barriers that were once thought to be a fool's dream. People like neocon1/fmr. marine -- who probably grew up during an era when white superiority still lingered with "Separate but Equal" -- can't take the fact that the Jim Crow era has sailed and that their prejudices, customs and beliefs are outdated. To quote Bob Dylan: "How does it feel? To be without a home / with no direction home? Like a complete unknown / Like a rolling stone?"


Anonymous said...

Never a marine is just a little nuts. Has never a marine ever heard of the Pyramids?

Anonymous said...

BTW correct if I am wrong unless maybe if you were kicked out is there no such thing as a "former" marine? Isn't that like the President where if you were one you are one?

Anonymous said...

These type of shit heads can't even get their bigotry and racism straight.

The central Americans,, Africans, and native indians

Unless the idiot is referring to natives of India, the moron is indeed accepting that native Americans are that. Americans. NOT indians. AMERICANS.

Then the stupid fuck goes on to rant about how "The UNITED STATES (not America) America was built on European independence, skill, Christianity, and freedom"

Riiiiiight. Freedom. Christianity.

Seriously. xtian endorsed SLAVERY of Americans and Blacks, because just like the stupid fuck is saying the Europeans, all Jeebus loving syphilis carring royal inbred church goers, didn't consider anyone of a different skin color as "humans"


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