Monday, April 5, 2010

61-59 Duke

Congrat...fuck that...fuck Duke. Talk about anything.

Edit From The Count: A thunder storm. Been a while since we've had one of these. Thunder does not scare me I guess it does some people. I actually find thunder to be oddly relaxing to listen to. Especially the persistent rumbling variety that we are getting. Lighting on the other hand I could do with out.

Another Edit From The Count: Next Month...
This makes up for the release of the very average (at best) Strangers In The Night. Oh an the deluxe edition of September Of My Years do out in September (Duh) will also be outstanding. Looks like no Watertown...sigh.


Anonymous said...

you could not pay me to be a miner.

et said...

I love thunderstorms! Especially the over-the-top, Wagnerian ones we had when I was growing up in the desert southwest, with sound and fury ricocheting across the whole valley and nothing at all to soften down the drama.

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