Saturday, April 3, 2010

Alabama teen suspended over prom dress

Dateline: Oxford, Alabama. High school student buys prom dress off of the Internet for her Senior Prom. The catch: the dress cannot violate the dress code.
The crime: her dress was deemed too provactive for the high school's taste.
Her choice: face three days suspension, or get paddled. I'm not making this up. You ever notice how certain states in the Union keep moving foreword into the 21st century, whereas States like Mississippi, Texas, etc. are still dead set on staying in the 19th? This story, to me, is further proof of this trend.


Anonymous said...

key word Alabama.

et said...

This is so Dark Ages, how much do you want to bet that they actually have "whipping boys" for any honor students whose clothing transgresses the code?

I think a case could also be made for gender discrimination, given the not-insignificant gap between expectations for male and female prom attire.

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