Tuesday, April 13, 2010

An Interview with yours truly, Pt. 1

ET and Count have interviewed themselves, so why not I?

How long have you been blogging and how did you get started?
I have been blogging about politics, media, and things happening in my life for over three years now. I have a site called Jonathan's Corner, which I write whenever I can. I am also a contributor to Banned and Dangerous and I (occasionally) write for Newshounds, when i'm not busy with college life, that is. As to how I got started, I was a junior in high school when began to blog. I was on the school newspaper, and both my theapist and newspaper teacher told me I had a pallet for writing, so I should blog about what I hear on the news and what's happening in my general life. Probably some of the best advice i've gotten.

Why Banned And Dangerous?
On the Newshounds Off-Topic Forum, I had this obsession with a paticular conservative blog called Blogs For Bush.com that was run by Mark Noonan and Matt Margolis, and so I, more ofter than not, took their posts about how the former president was doing such a great job running the country, and how liberals are unpatriotic idiots who are emboldening our enemies, and I posted them on the Forums. One of the guys who is on the Forum, Count Istvan, had a blog dedicaed to all the crazy rambelings of some troll (blogger who comes around to any site and starts bagging on others for fun or out of boredom) named Ranger Bob and I asked him over an email if I could join him. The rest, as they say, is history...

Did the people on the Forums get tired of you talking about what Mark Noonan said today?
I think they did. One thing i've learned is that when you constantly bitch and gripe about something or someone, eventually people just become sick and tired about what you have to hear them say about so-and-so. I mean, we get it: he's a rabidly partisan Bush/Republican loyalist. What's new about that? Its the main reason why I don't do as may posts on Mark Noonan anymore.

You're a very astute obeservor of current affairs. Where did that come from?
That comes from my dad. When I was young, he and I used to watch CNN's The Capitol Gang with Pat Buchannan and Margaret Carlson and two others that I can't remember the names of who were on the show. Mostly I watched because of the verbal jabs they would take at one another; I thought it was as exciting aas watching WWF every Saturday! I usually asked questions about what they were talking about,and dad would always give me the play-by-play. I really got into politics during the leadup to the War in Iraq. I was really mad then becasue it seemed that our leaders were this close to starting another war, this time, for reasons that didn't make sense to begin with, and the country was still in shock after 9/11 to give a damn about what we were about to do. It was as if everyone around me went mad.

So you were prety mad going into high school, I take it?
(Laughs) I was confused and pissed off! For those four years (from 2004-2008), I was mad that I didn't fit into any of the cliques that dominated my high school. One girl who I thought liked me, basically played me into talking her to the movies during my freshman year, and I was devistated. I was afraid to get hurt like that again, so I just stayed away, but that's another story altogether. I couldn't understand how young people like me were so into American Idol and Laguna Beach and what fucked-up shenanagans Brittney [Spears] and Paris [Hilton] were getting into now, rather than how the most powerful country in the world was being led by an incompetent son of priveldge, and that the people he surrounded himself were either shady, back-door dealing thugs doing the will of the defense contractors and Corporate America, or were just merely bobble-headed yes-men who would be guarenteed to never say, "Mr. President, I don't think this plan of action is in the best interests of the country. I think we need to re-think our objective." Its as if the vast majority of the people were plugged into the Matrix, into the dream world where everything's fine and guys like Morpheus and Trinity are a threat to our security just becasue Agents say they are.

Part two of our interview with Jonathan later on.


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Good stuff :)

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I interviewed myself? I must have been really out of it at the time because, in Alberto Gonzales' immortal words, "I don't recall..."


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