Saturday, April 24, 2010

Song of the Night - Birthday Songs

These are the songs i'm going to be listening to a lot during my birthday weekend.

The first song: we travel back to the Land of the Rising Sun. Again, it's in Japanese, and there's no subtitles, but this song has a great uptempo beat to it and you can see yourself dancing along at a club, or if your just taking a drive with the windows rolled down. Here's J-Pop singer/songwriter Utada Hikaru with "Celebrate".

Next song: Carlos Santana is arguably, one of the greatest guitarists ever and has a long resume of collaborating with music's biggest names, from Rob Thomas to Tina Turner, he makes great singers even better. His challenge: take a mediocre rock band in Nickelback and work his amazing magic for the song "Into The Night". Carlos shoots, and scores again.

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