Monday, April 5, 2010

Opening Day in Baseball Open Thread

Today is Opening Day in the 2010 MLB season, so i'm dedicating the Thread to baseball Here's what i've seen thus far:

* Opening night between Beantown and the Brox Bombers is what I've come to expect from the rivalry: sheer excitement. It also helps that I hate the Yankess with a burning passion and was happy to see them fall on their asses. Kevin Youkliss and Derek Jeter were great last night, as was C.C. Sabbathia through 5 1/3 innings, while Josh Beckett struggled last night through 4 1/3. Overall, a great way to open up the new season.

* What more can be said about Albert Pujols that hasn't already been said? 4-5 opening the season against Cincinnati, two HR's and two singles, for a combined 3 RBI, as the Redbirds beat the Reds, 11-6.

* Mark Buehrle's out in the top of the 5th just might be the best play we see all year, as the White Sox blank Cleveland, 6-0.

* Carlos Zambrano and the Cubs had a 3-0 lead in the first inning against the Altlanta Braves. Then he coughs up six at the bottom half of the same inning. Was this the calmer, better Zambrano Cubs Fans were promised?

* Veteran sports announcer Dick Ensburg makes his debut, calling Channel 4, the station that carries San Diego Padres Baseball. The fix is that Pads are bound to dwell in the N.L. West basement, while the Dodgers (another team I loathe) win their third consecutive title. God, I hope neither happen.

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33-32 Duke at half Butler Hanging In.

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