Saturday, April 3, 2010

Final Four And Open Thread

Tomorrow Is the final 4 Butler is playing Michigan State and West Virginia is playing Duke.

Just a few thoughts

Butler is not I'll repeat this and scream it NOT some little David like underdog slewing Goliaths on it's way to a possible championship. Please save your Hoosiers references. Yes Butler is in Indiana yes the championship game in the movie Hoosiers was filmed at Butler's arena no this team is not like the Hickory Huskers. They were picked in the top 10 to start the season they went 32-4 on the season. This is a legit basketball team that may very well be the best team remaining.

Oh and Fuck Duke hard with the Ranger's pencil.

NON Basketball :

I was going to write AVFMA tonight that centered around why I am not posting very much on off topic anymore but got lazy but also I am considering my words as the last time I had an issue with Newshounds as you well remember whether I was right or wrong made no difference since the way in which I responded to it was so awful it pretty made me wrong anyway. I will say this my reasons for getting away from off topic have nothing to do with the mods or guest writers who now write for Newshounds. I believe Ellen, Julie, Priscilla, Alex, Auntie and everyone else are all doing a fabulous job of monitoring Fox News and their works keeps getting better.

Update by Jonathan: Cinderella's going to the Ball. What an amazing run by the Bulldogs of Butler University!

Edit From The Count: While I share in congratulating Butler on their final 4 victory I respectfully disagree with Jonathan on using the term "Cinderella" This is a damn good basketball team and has been all year.

Now on to game #2...


et said...

Seems to me like a lot of us are drifting elsewhere, Count, for various reasons. I hope the mods understand that even when long-time regs aren't posting all that much, most of them are still reading...

Anonymous said...

Watch final 4 or go outside enjoy 65 degree sunny day? I got it...take radio outside and listen to final 4 in 65 degree sunshine.

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