Monday, April 12, 2010

I Can't Believe I Am That Damn Important

It as been brought to my attention that somebody (My Deranged Stalker) is posting as me on a website called. mediaite



I have never posted on that particular blog. Pretty sad that somebody would hate my personal freedom to run a 9th rate blog so much that they feel the need to do this. MAYBE they wish they could run a blog as good as this one.


Anonymous said...

Links are not working.

And please change the color scheme to a simple black text on white background.

Oh, the asshole busting your, and John T's, chops is just trying to out troll me. Something to do with me outing Jeffy Bovine's info, again, at Think Progress during this week.

Anyway, the stupid fuck doesn't realize HE IS WRONG.

That was Jeffy Bovine's first mistake.


Anonymous said...

The links should be working now. I know who it is sorta because he stalks me on $ is crap and here. He's a mentally challenged SOB. I take it you don't like this layout :) I don't think many people will so i'll change it.

Anonymous said...


That was fast!

Really, going for the "goth" look is soo 90's.

First link just directs to Mediaite home page.

Second link goes to another page (I suppose that is were it is intended)

Any way, as I said, the dumbshit is really really fucked up upstairs. He keeps betting on the same wrong card over and over, hoping one day it will become true.

The asshole will read this comment.
So here is to you, whatever the fuck you think you are.
Spend another couple of months trying to come after moi, and YOU GOT NOTHING, YOU FUCKING MORON


Anonymous said...


Links are working!

Did I mention the idiot gold digger thought I was posting at mediaite using the dumbshit's moniker? Along with another one of her pearls of wisdom... rather, turds.

If you guys didn't know, this site is also under the watchful eye of Marky.

FUCK YOU Mark Koldys.

Anonymous said...

Oh Noes! I flush things with more intelligence than Koldeys.

Anonymous said...

I am seriously perplexed why I scare these people they are obviously easily scared.

Jonathan said...

So what was the point in all of this?

theroachman said...

I read both threads through

That grammie person says nothing, ever. Why even post?

And it always amazes me, but where ever I read in the blogsphere where RW nuts congregate they so often complain that it is wrong to seek reprations for things the US has done wrong. The people of Guam always wanted the US to polute thier land and ocean. Right?

I guess a true American is someone who never has to say sorry. Because the true Christian god is on their side and they can always ask him for forgiveness regardless of what crime they commited on this earth plain. (some restrictions aply, well one: This right is restricted to 100% white christian males only)

And stalking on the internet is a punishible crime. Thanks to the Bush Admin rules. George Macalister may some day slip up on his stalking charades and post in the wrong spot. Hope spings eternal!

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