Sunday, April 4, 2010

Is Early Threatening The President?

Someone needs to stop Obama IMO, not stop people from complaining about him or how his administration is betraying us all liberal or conservative.

The crimes against humanity are what need to stop and if Obama isn't going to stop them then he needs to be dealt with as much as Bush and the Neo-cons do.

If that means violence then thats what it means?

Bring it on..

Posted by: early2it on Sat 4.3 11:13am


Jonathan said...

I'm disapppointed that the Obama administration won't go after the previous administration for crimes comitted (starting an illega war, wiretapping citizens without a warrant, torturing enemy combantants) but Obama isn't the venegeful liberal we wish he was. Its not in his nature. Making a threat on the acting Prez isn't going to make him change his mind.

et said...

Let's also remember...early doesn't believe Obama or anyone else actually exists, so at the end of the day this is a pretty toothless threat.

Anonymous said...

I don't get Early at all.

For some reason he is allowed to post. Either he is a genius or, well, the other possibility.

In either case, I suggest we ought to watch carefully.

I kid you not.
In another life I saw this moron "the angel of death" posting his rants and links to his web page in some old boards.

I responded in the same courteous and kind way some know me for. Others did the same.

So far, Early seems innocuous but I recommend we don't egg him on too much to the breaking point.


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