Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Shit That Makes The Count Laugh

Ok I am sure the commercial is out there somewhere on the net but since my half-assed search didn't find it let me describe an honest to God commercial from Cialis.

A woman maybe 55 or 60 is painting the house as her husband, who is not doing anything to help her , stands at the bottom of the ladder staring at her ass as she paints. She sees that her husband has been turned on by her doing the erotic act of painting the house green and thus walks down the ladder, hands him the paint brush and smiles a smile of let's get it on. Then an announcer warns that we never know just what may turn into a romantic moment. I have to admit this maybe true but somehow I can't see too many people getting turned on by looking at their wives or husbands wearing crap clothes covered with green paint. Of course this being Cialis land the couple was dressed fairly nicely (her pants showed off her ass enough to excite her old man obviously) and didn't have nary a drop of paint on them.

Anywho at the end of the commercial the couple has gotten out of their painting duds and now that he has taken the Cialis they are now ready to do what apparently Cialis makes you want to do...jump in separate bath tubs in the middle of nowhere.

So you men out there next time you and the Missus are painting the house and she catches you standing there ogling her ass as she is busting it painting see what it leads to. My guess is a paint bucket over your head. But hey better buy two bathtubs and put them put in the middle of nowhere just in case.


Anonymous said...

Hey loser. I see I have more of your sick ass blogs to forward to the proper legal authorities at UNL. Since we all know you molest little kid's and your wifey is a pathetic teacher. How's west O doing for you? What a pussy. Hide behind a phoney name but can't handle the same. You PUSSY!!!

Anonymous said...

Wait you're posting anonymously and you are calling me a pussy for using a fake name?

At least you posted on a thread that wasn't at least a week old. It only took you 10 posts to figure out that I reject them.

As for the rest. Um if My wife was a teacher at UNL why would I live in West O? Wait a second you're right My wife's a teacher at UNL and I live in West O. While I share your scorn of child abusers I rank right up their with Guys who go to middle schools and ogle the girls and men who fuck dogs myself, It's a shame you think of teachers as "pathetic"

Anonymous said...

Here's the funny thing people. He's been posting shit like this on old threads that are "moderated" so that I see them and decide whether to post them or not.

BTW this is the guy who posts as me on other message boards. Oh and this was your last post here. I'll erase on sight. ET or Jonathan if you see this puke posting here get rid of it.

et said...

Consider it done, Count.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess...

By the same loser who believes he is helping Jeffy Bovine.

More than two months already and the LOSER can't get over the fact I busted his boyfriend Jeffy Bovine.


Jonathan said...

Seriously, what's with the bathtubs in the middle of nowhere? What's that have to do with erectile dysfunction?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Jonathan. I don't get that bathtub thing either.

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