Saturday, March 6, 2010

Reformed Liberal Says Jesus Ain't Down With Health Care

Ed Shultz is asking where are all the loving Christians on healthcare? basically challenging us Christians using a horrible theological understanding of Christology.

The question isn't what would Jesus do because no one has a clue what Jesus would do, the question is what does the bible say about universal healthcare?

Seven arguments I hear using Christianity for Universal healthcare

1. Jesus and the Apostles healed- Matthew 10. To support their message, healing miracles was to point to the messiah. God loves the poor and loves to heal but that is not a mandate for universal healthcare

2. Jesus said, love the poor- Obviously we should love the poor and we do. In the United States any household that makes less than $50,000 dollars is placed in the poor bracket but the bible defines poor as not people who live togther in a two bedroom apartment or one bedroom and in many of these apartments you can find xbox 360, HDTV, the bible describes the poor as people out in the streets in a box who cannot help themselves either through a disease or calamity and the bible points to those are the people who we should be helping, the really hurting people not just people who would like to have a higher lifestyle.

3. Romans 13 (promotes general welfare) Romans 13 defines the role of will be hardpressed to find universal healthcare

4. Justice- So people can have a nice quality of life, a more even playing field, everyone sharing the american dream regardless of ethnicity, class, gender but that is not justice in the bible, justice in the bible is that if someone does something bad then they are punished it is not equality for everybody

5. Kingdom of God- The social gospel Christians say, we need to bring the kingdom of God to this earth-The bible is clear that our job is not to make the world a better place for people to go to hell from, it is mostly to be proclaiming the gospel, helping the poor first off inside of the body of the church and second outside the body of the church

6. Equality- This is not a biblical principal; opportunity? yes but equality and lifestyle? No

7. Greed, dishonest gain- The healthcare companies are making money off sick people, is that immoral? the bible does not say people can't make a profit, the bible does have a problem however with how they are doing it, if they are crushing the people then that is not just.

Seven biblical arguments against universal healthcare

1. Do not steal- You shouldn't take stuff from one and give it to another and when we force people through government to help other people- that is still stealing

2. Apostle Paul- "Do not work, do not eat" There are lazy people not all who will benefit from such a program and they are not willing to work for it. No where does the bible condone slothful people receiving benefits

3. End of life issues- abortion- Abortion is wrong period and despite the government play on words because abortion is a part of healthcare, abortion will be funded by us (how can it not) Christians with our hard earned money taken away from from us that can be doing the lord's work but instead will be doing evil.

4. Rationing- Deciding who gets healthcare- How does God see me vs a woman; different color, class etc....? He sees us as the same but this program demands that certain people will be provided a different quality of lifestyle or they will be deemed more valuable so we can give them help but not the other guy. That is not biblical

5. Old Testament pattern is owner through which we provide mercy and safety nets for the really poor. Universal healthcare does not do that

6. Debt- Very bad not biblical at all

7. Inheritance-what are we leaving to our children? DEBT and again not biblical

Posted by: Reformed Liberal on Sat 3.6 12:09pm


Anonymous said...

please read the rules before you post

Anonymous said...

or have somebody who can read read them to you.

Jonathan said...

The healthcare companies are making money off sick people, is that immoral?
Yes it is!
These people spike up the rates, then dump their clients when they become a liability, all for poor quality care.
Its the equivalent of a vampire sucking a human's blood until the victim is bone dry.

et said...

My favorite thing about the latest from "Reformed Liberal"? He even C&P'd the typos and grammatical errors from his source!

(doubles over from laughter)

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