Thursday, March 4, 2010

Montel Williams Is A Piece Of Shit

Ok I have hated that clown ever since he hooked up with Sylvia Browne to scam the rubes but using her and Cancer to sell his piece of shit juicer? Fuck Montel Williams.

Megan: "I just want to know: My family's going through a lot right now with my grandma being diagnosed with cancer. My aunt has stage 4 colon cancer. I just want to know if things are going to get better for me and my family."

Sylvia Browne (puts hand to chin like she's deep in thought): "They get better in August."

Montel Williams: "Stop right here for just a second. The product that I've been talking about throughout this hour, which is the Living Well HealthMaster blender, I'm going to tell you without a doubt you can reduce your risk of cancer, you can reduce your risk of colon cancer, if you just apply some of the principles that are in our recipes."

Wow Congratulations Montel you are now lower than Kevin Trudeau.

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Jonathan said...

Who's Kevin Trudeau and Sylvia Browne?

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