Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Down Is the New Up

According to Mark Noonan, one grouchy, asshole senator who damn-near let 200,000 unemployed Americans fend for themselves without receiving unemployment benefits = a patriotic American.

Guess what, Democrats? There isn’t an infinite amount of money – not if we fired up the printing presses full time and borrowed every red cent from the Chinese. Life isn’t a fairy tale with pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – its about trade-offs and priorities.

Bunning, after all, is just holding you to your own words – you said you wanted to pay as you go. Well, here’s your chance. None of us want the unemployed to go without benefits, but as there isn’t a magic money tree, we have to decide what do we want more:

Uh, Mark?
The piece of legislation Bunnings was throwing a fit over?
That piece of legislation that was stalled for five days by this jerkoff, had to do with making sure the unemployed do not go without being paid their benefits!
You agreed with the statement that you did not want the unemployed to go without having their benefits, and yet you call Sen. Bunnings - the man who almost let 200,000 unemployed Americans fend for themselves, and maybe more if he didn't back down - a fucking patriot!?
Do you see the contradiction, Mark?
Furthermore, where's the patriotism in allowing hundreds of thousands of Americans slip through the cracks?


Anonymous said...

Nooner has no original thoughts. he just blows the RNC nice and hard does what they tell him to do.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to ask Nooner if the unemployment benefits stopped how could his people afford to keep mass teabagging?

et said...

I noticed that one of his choices was, glaringly, NOT "Unemployment benefits, or endless pre-emptive wars in nations that are not a lasting, sustained threat to the USA."

Wonder how he missed that one.

Oh, right. He's an idiot.

Anonymous said...

I was telling the contessa today who is a few years younger than the count about the conservative's hero Bonzo.about how he talked and talked about his hatred for taxes and then turned around and taxed unemployment benefits. Typical con.

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