Thursday, December 4, 2008

Well She Is The Expert On Mental Health Problems.

"Mental health problems..."

That might fit the people who put this sign up. Here, we will spell it out for you: If this atheist group had put up a sign that said "Have a happy Winter Solstice" and left it at that, there would be no uproar. But this spoiled brat group used the rest of their sign to insult all religions. This would be like some group putting up a nativity scene and then attaching a sign next to it that said "Atheism is a disgrace".

Groups should use this time to give season's greetings, not season's insults.


et said...

So atheists uniformly observe Winter Solstice? The ignorance is breathtaking.

Count Istvan said...

ET that thread is loaded with "ignorance" It's heavy tonight.

et said...

They're definitely responding to Bill-O's dog whistle on the subject. "War on Christmas" - poppycock!

Rufus said...

Yo countie, maybe if yo dumbass be getting dat cock otta yo mouth yo stupid fucking ass could be thinking like normal white folk.

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