Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Trolls Celebrating After Garbage Touchdown...

I heard on FOX that john t sucks nigger dicks - but only small ones.
when he can find a small one....
Before you answer that, I must tell you I am not on my IP. Im on free WiFi.

Saxby will be an afterthought without much pull at all.
Sam | 12.03.08 - 10:23 pm |

Except when its filibuster time...

Im glad you admit that people who choose to serve their country are conservative.

Uh, this was a runoff for a Senate seat. 3,000 or 4,000 folks seems like a pretty good turnout.

Oops, forgot, you libtards still haven't recovered from your PDS.

Democrats: Haters. Fascists.


Better that letting crazy man "tourists stink" Reid have his way.

How can you "take a lose" idiot?

SSG | 12.03.08 - 10:36 pm | #


The name of this site should be:

This fucking site is insane.

I agree. Dems put race and nation above individualism, love strong central government, and seek to control the economy and personal behavior.

Democrats: Fascists.


You got it Reason. No matter how much you make fun of what constitutes a packed house, CHAMBLISS WON!!! Where were all the blacks who came out to vote for Barak HUSSEIN Obama?? Yassa, shonuffs now, jes axxe me. We will not whine and moan as you HATE AMERICA TRAITORS did for 8 years about stolen elections. Well Barak HUSSEIN Obama bought this election. Where was OBAMA if you jackasses wanted this election so bad. Talk about stealing an election, the left just found 177 ballots that give the advantage to the old RAPE JOKESTER. You know, he actually looks a bit like the JOKER from the recent BATMAN flicks. How do you left wingers explain how great BHO is when his MOSLEM fanatical buddies carry out Mumbai (Bombay) style attacks at shopping malls, athletic events and schools in the US???????????????????

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