Monday, September 1, 2008

....And the hits just keep on a-comin'

The very mention of John McCain choosing Governor Sarah Palin was both a shocker, a one-day game changer, and a big ol' 'what the fuck?' moment in the media, with the talking heads, and for most people who are political junkies.

Its bad enough that McCain, out of total desperation, went with Palin under the impression that the remainder of disgruntled female Clinton supporters would back McCain blindly without first taking a look at what her stands for (with turns out that Palin is against the very things Hillary made her career out of) and to shore up excitement for a conservative base which isn't too happy with him being the Republican nominee to begin with (even when McCain started courting the far-right after he locked up the nomination); but now is seems that the shit is beginning to hit the proverbial fan.

First we found out that Palin announced her seventeen year-old daughter was five months pregnant. Then comes a report from on Palin being investigated on firing public safety commission Walt Monegan because he refused to fire a state trooper who just so happened to divorce the Governor's sister. Next comes the story that the Alaskan Governor was a member of a 527 group led by indicted Alaskan senator Ted Stevens. Now we learn today that she was a member of the Alaskan Independence Party, a party that pushed for Alaska seceding from the Union!


Anonymous said...

She's the gift that keeps on giving.

Anonymous said...

I have been posting at DU tonight which is not good for my blood pressure. What to me seems so obvious to me, that calling out Sarah Palin for the hypocrisy of her Dobsonian beliefs while she has a pregnant daughter at home IS a campaign issue is not is not so obvious to others. There is a small minority crying on every thread that dares make this point.

If somebody were to say hey Sarah how is that abstinence only program working for you? three people chime in with how awful it is they are using the baby and a 17 year old to make a point. Of course I and several others have tried to point out that it was not us who made 17 year old Bristol a focal point of this election and a news story but Sarah Palin herself who did so.

It would seem everything about Sarah Palin is off limits to some and it goes beyond idiocy at this point. But I will try to make the point again here and hope somebody...anybody understands.

It's not about Bristol Palin Or The Baby. It's About a woman running for vice president who preaches nothing but family values and abstinence only bullshit Proclaiming herself the worlds greatest Mother.

et said...

I'm not sure there's a need to raise a huge stink at this point. It now has a life of its own not just with the blogosphere but with the MSM. There's enough buzz out there about this issue AND everything else coming out about her - from the cronyism to the Alaskan separatism to earmark-fever to everything else - that the odds in favor of her stepping down from the ticket ("for family reasons," natch) increase with every hour. Then the GOP is right back to where they were, except that Romney and Pawlenty will turn up their noses at VP having been spurned once, and Lieberman will still be a non-starter thanks to the fundie contingent.

McCain's radioactivity will just increase. Record Obama turnout, record GOP no-show voters. The GOP slinks back under their rocks to regroup for Next Time.

Well, a gal can hope, yes?

Also, apparently now Bush's speech is rescheduled for Tuesday, live, in St. Paul. Is it too late for me to back out of the Convention Beat?

Naw, I'll do it. Can't pass up that last, best opportunity for snark at Lil W's expense...

Anonymous said...

Do you think she will be the nominee and if not when does she go?

Anonymous said...

And one more theory to run by you. It seems to me the Repugs have ceased trying to win this election. Are they tanking on purpose counting on things being such a mess that the next President will have such a mess to clean up that they have a better shot of winning in 2012 than they do now?

et said...

At this point I will be surprised if she lasts through the convention, Count. Holes in her background of Swiss-cheese caliber are appearing almost hourly, and tomorrow's NYT piece pretty much assembles them all in one damning place.

The sooner she bows out, the more credibly she can point at the nasty attacks on her family - by those horrid liberal bloggers, of course - as the reason why, thus saving face as much as possible. And the GOP has got to recognize that forging forward even for a couple of weeks with her on the ticket loses them more than it gains. I mean, we're TWO MONTHS out at this point. That's not a lot of time to carry even a well-known ticket to victory, much less one as much in disarray as this one.

I honestly think she's toast, unless absolutely everyone in the GOP election leadership has traded in their brains for sour cream gone bad.

et said...

And I don't disagree with your second insight, either. Maybe all they can do now is cut their losses.

The tone of the speechifying - if indeed they do much of that in these next three days - may offer up clues.

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