Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wow...A Bush-bot that's dumber than Noonan

We have a category five moron on the blogsphere. His name is Snooper, and he's a rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth, right-wing dumbfuck. Just take a look at his into on his blog, and you'll know exactly what kind of jaw-dropping stupidity you're dealing with.

I don't debate my enemies and if you are either a full-fledged Marxist or Socialist or Communist or a morphed form of all of the above, an American Leftinistra Liberal, your idiocy will not find a friendly reception here. EVER.

I will have a ZERO tolerance for jerks from the left, primarily Marxist idiots that support Barack Hussein Moron Marxist Obama, aka Czarbie. Czarbie is as unAmerican and anti-Americanist as one can get. Even more so than his idiot trolls.

There is not a thing that Czarbie espouses that can be reconciled with the United States Constitution. NOTHING. He is a Clear and Present Danger and has been classified as an Enemy of The State. PERIOD.

What did I tell you? I might post a comment over there, just for shits and giggles.

Count: See if you can get Spooner to post over here where we are far more tolerant of our Conservative brothers.


Anonymous said...

He's either Ralph's Soul mate or his room mate from Bellevue.I like this...

If you click on comments... you will read this...

Present verifiable links and substantiation supporting your opinions or don't comment.

Yet he himself writes...

As President Bush gets caught up into the quagmire the Democrats created, the Democrats are seeking revenge on McCain-Palin for stealing the Hope and Change thunder of Czarbie the Marxist Fraud.

And of course gives no link to back this up.

Anonymous said...

Also I love how he goes on a long ass diatribe complete with name calling about the left then ends it with a prayer.

Jonathan said...

See? What did I tell you? A category five dipshit!

et said...

It's a lost cause.

Just sayin'. If we can't get Rev. Jeremiah over here, this guy is a non-starter.

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