Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Bet He's One Of Our Bobs

As you know NH has Ranger Bob And Suicide Bob. Well Denver has Bank Robber Bob.

A serial bank robber lost his wig and his cowboy hat and is suspected of suffering a head injury after two bank employees confronted him today as he tried to rob his sixth bank since Aug. 14.

Surveillance pictures showing the man, minus disguise, fleeing the Provenant Federal Credit Union, 4001 W. 16th Avenue.

From the photos, the man - dubbed Bank Robber BOB, appears to be a well-dressed businessman.

According to FBI Agent in Charge James H. Davis, "Bob" left a trail of blood as he fled from the scene wearing cowboy boots, dark slacks, a blue shirt and tie.

The man had entered the bank, approached a teller and passed a note demanding money.

Davis said the man may have run to a white 1970s pickup with older Colorado license plates with white letters over a green background.

Bank Robber BOB is suspected of robbing two Wells Fargo Banks, one at 3900 Wadsworth Boulevard, Wheat Ridge, on Aug. 14, and the second at 1955 S. Sheridan, Denver, on Aug. 18

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