Monday, September 8, 2008

Yeah Like I Didn't See This Coming...

Sucking Favre's Nuts

MIAMI -- Here's a scenario nobody expected 20 minutes or so into the first Sunday of the 2008 NFL season:

The New York Jets, with a quarterback who turns 39 next month and was handed the team's thigh-pad-thick playbook about five minutes ago, might now be the favorites to win the AFC East. And all because grey-haired Brett Favre jogged off the Dolphin Stadium field in one piece, while 1,459 miles away in Foxboro, Mass., Tom Brady limped off the Gillette Stadium turf with an injured left knee. Brady's next date won't be with Gisele, but presumably with the working end of a surgeon's scalpel.

Yes after beating a team that was 1-15 last year by a whole 6 points... Brett Favre who won oh so many SuperBowls is going to take the lousy ass Jets to the SuperBowl. Could the media suck this guy off more?

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