Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Odds And Ends

I asked what exactly was the reason Joe Lieberman was placed on the 2000 ticket and what was his selling point and got no responses. That's the thing I can't think of anything either to explain the choice.

The Next person to interview Queen Sarah will be Shemp Hannity on Fox news. You can just imagine the hard hitting questions she'll be getting.

I thought this was pretty funny. On a thread bellow ET Wrote...

But we do not have a serious pick for the vice-presidency in the GOP, do we? We have an absurdity. And a joke."

And the very next person to post was the crazy one. As if on cue.

Oh and McCain challenges you to think of one thing he has flip flopped on. So far this is TP's list...



et said...

sigh ... That's our Ralphie. His feet are in the political quicksand and he's still yelling BWAHHHH! as if it means something.

I don't watch it - not even clips online - but I read today that McCain was eviscerated on The View. You know it's a sorry state of affairs when the ladies' kaffeeklatsch is tougher on a candidate than the fearsome mainstream media.

et said...

Well, here's an Odd-and-End for Friday night - a new campaign blog post at long last!

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