Monday, September 15, 2008

My Favorite TP Troll BoyToy At Night Is On And Posting


The thread is about how they are hiding McNasty from talking to the trooper investigator but BoyToy is trying to change the subject to Obama's elitism. This is what he does. He can't defend his candidate so he tries to change the subject. Then once he's had his ass good and kicked he commits net suicide.

Keltoi at Night Says:

Funny how Obama is an elitist, but both he and his running mate Joe Biden, compared to McCain do not come from the same financial circle, or have even close backgrounds. The continued false front that somehow all liberals are elitists will eventually destroy the republican party.

Well, first off, Palin is as blue collar as you can get in American politics, and that is one of three reasons why she is appealing to many, the other two being her gender and her happy, healthy thumping of the Bible.

But you are equating elitism with wealth. I don’t think that works. Lindsey Lohan and Pam Anderson are both super rich, and no one would mistake them for intellectuals or “elites”.

Obama’s immortal quote - delivered to San Fransisco liberal elites - about poor benighted folk bitterly clinging to their guns and religion is a classic elitist statement.

Elitism is “I am better than you, smarter than you, but you are too dumb to know it.” It is the liberal equivalent of the right’s religious bigotry - “I’m saved - are you

Now he's just starting to give a headache.

Keltoi at Night Says:

The Republic of Stupidity Says:

Clearly, you have not dealt with the rich…

Well, you got me there! But my main point was that you don’t have to be rich to be an elitist, and you can be rich without being an elitist. Willie Nelson? Richer than sin. Elitist? No.

Likewise, you can be stupid and be an elitist (epitomized in the bumper sticker “Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven.”) and be smart and not be an elitist. “Elite” is defined as belonging to the very best. If you think you are better than other people, you are an elitist, regardless of your wealth or your I.Q.

Yes more...

Is Matt Damon an elitist? George Clooney? And is elitist a good thing or a bad thing? I mean, when it was being defined as “smart people” on an earlier thread, it was obviously good. But since rich people are all eltisits, and rich people are often Republicans, that can’t be right.

On a decidely non-elitist note, that was a helluva Monday Night Football game, eh? Dallas’ defensive line is freakin huge, they looked like small horses…


Anonymous said...

Keltoi at Night Says:

Who here considers Bill Gates an elitist? How about Sam Walton or Warren Buffet? Elitism is not a function of your material wealth, it is a function of your attitude toward people who you think are not as smart as you.

He posts this on every thread where he takes a shit.

Sergei Andropov said...

Ask him if Socrates was an elitist.

et said...

*sigh* When exactly did ignorance become something to be celebrated? (Well, I mean, before Fox News arrived on the scene...) Used to be that parents wanted their children to be smarter than themselves, to have educational opportunities they and their own parents couldn't have dreamt of.

One of the things I like about Obama is that maybe, just maybe, he might inspire the nation with the idea that it really IS "cool" to be smart. And I know that idea will be up against a culture that glorifies the average and the superficial...but one lives in hope.

Sergei Andropov said...

Konservo is pursuing a PhD. in philosophy. He trolls ThinkProgress purely for entertainment.

et said...

Sorry...was that in any way a response to my rhetorical query, Sergei, or just an aside? Or are you saying that "Keltoi at Night" = "Konservo"?

Please connect the dots.

et said...

OK...never the thread...about what I would expect if Keltoi = Konservo.

Thanks for the confirmation.

Sergei Andropov said...

The "Keltoi" part ties into a discussion we'd been having.

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