Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm tellin' ya: this Snooper fellow's a category five dumbshit!

Just take a look at his "comeback shots" at me when all I asked was how could the mess that we're in possibly be the fault of the Democrats when the Republicans have been in power for most of the time?

The reason is basic and easy. The DEMOCRAT PARTY and their moronic followers have created this whole thing and THAT is historical fact. Period. End of discussion.


Let me see if I have this correct: the Democratic Party are the ones that created the disastrous war in Iraq, the economic crisis, the Climate Change scare, and undermining of civil rights and civil liberties?

Exactly how did you come to this conclusion? And how is it a historical fact that it's the Democrat's fault, when in seven years in the WH and six in Congress, the party in charge when these screw-ups happened, has been the GOP?

Please explain this one to me.
Jonathan | Homepage | 09.21.08 - 5:41 am | #

There is no explaining it to folks that have a memory span of a dead gnat.

The War In Iraq is a decisive victory just in case you are behind the times.

That is why it is no longer an issue and why the morons dems would not ratify the Surge Resolution in September 2008.

Please come back when you know what it is you are rambling on about.

The Global Warming - get it right idiot - was created by liars with th3e Chief Liar being the Goracle.

Global Warming is a myth created by idiots.

What screw ups are you yammering about?
Snooper | Homepage | 09.21.08 - 3:40 pm | #

What do you think? Should I keep responding to this idiot?

Count: I think Spooner is mental. Check out this nonsensical comeback...

There is no explaining it to folks that have a memory span of a dead gnat.

Or in other words it's something that Spooner just pulled from his ass. By the way Spooner you are invited to come over to our blog. Unlike you we are tolerant of our Conservative Brothers.
Or in other words, IVAW cowards are just plain too damned scared to face reality.

Good luck with that.


Anonymous said...

Well Invite him over here. :) Other than that I say he's a moran. notice you asked him to back up his "facts" and he could not.

Anonymous said...

I invited him. :)

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