Thursday, September 4, 2008

This Is One Of Those Days

Broke My Glasses... Dog shit all over the floor...McCain is speaking... Oy.

Edit: the count found his old glasses so now he's at 85% eyesight. :)

By the way special poll for Jonathan since tonight is the start of the NFL regular season.

Who will the Super bowl?

A. San Diego Chargers
B. San Diego Chargers.
C. The closest NFL Team To Los Angeles
D. The New England wait...The San Diego Chargers

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Jonathan said...

Thanks for the support, Count!
Great article in my local paper that sums up the Chargers nicely: Can San Diego take advantage of their window of opportunity?

As for the rest of the NFL here are my pics:

West - San Diego
North - Cleveland
South - Jacksonville
East - New England
Wild Card - Indy and Pittsburgh

West - Seattle
North - Minnesota
South - New Orleans
East - Dallas
Wild Card - New York Giants and Chicago

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