Monday, September 8, 2008

Flashback Troll Quote Of The Week.

No lies here my friend. It's all the truth!

My great Uncle went to Columbia. He took out Dimaggio's tonsils, and was also the NY Yankees team doctor. Posted by: Ranger Bob () on Sun 2.18 7:03pm


theroachman said...

Ah the good old ranger.

did you know he help Fosset build his first balloon too.

et said...

You'll enjoy this, Count. The OT Forum is being treated to the prose stylings of one "Reformed Liberal" - whose dubious claims to fame include being a black Canadian guy living in Georgia, converted both to Fundie and to Republican, all in the past year. His response to Ori this evening was an instant classic.

Oh, RL? Don't try to convert me. I was born just fine the first time.

Posted by: Orionova on Mon 9.8 8:22pm

- - - -

I was born just fine the first time.

"The first time" You mean you were never born at all.

Posted by: Reformed Liberal on Mon 9.8 8:25pm

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