Thursday, September 18, 2008

Noonan & Limpballs are the last people to talk about race relations

Listening to Mark Noonan and "comedian" Rush Limpballs bitch endlessly on Obama playing the race card is like being criticized for going on the Atkins diet by a fat man.

We’ve been doing a little research here, ladies and gentlemen, on this Obama Spanish language ad quoting me. It’s a TV ad that they quote me as saying a couple things, an ad running in New Mexico, Nevada, and Colorado. One of the things they quote me as saying is, “Shut your mouth or get out.” And what they’re doing in this ad is tying me to McCain, saying that the Republicans are two-faced on immigration and so forth. While McCain is out there saying he loves illegal immigrants and wants to welcome them, the real Republicans like me are saying, shut your mouth or get out. Now, what’s interesting, I never said that. Even in the heat of the amnesty battle, I never said shut your mouth or get out, even in the middle of those protests. What we have learned is that the usual suspects are behind this. The Media Matters types, the Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting types, they are the people putting together Obama ads. Obama’s new, right? Obama’s into unity, Obama’s into change, he’s using the same old Democrat Party flacks, the same hacks. The statement you’re a foreigner, shut your mouth and get out, was made, I did say it, but in a parody of Mexican immigration laws in a Morning Update April 6th of 2006.

We were making fun of Mexican immigration laws by trying to point out the stark difference between what you can do as an immigrant or illegal immigrant in Mexico versus what they can do here…

…It happens constantly when they want to link me, the left, constantly take me totally out of context, knowingly doing so. We can even go back, we could probably post on the website the Dittocam version of this Morning Update from April 6 of 2006 to prove it. Well, we don’t need to prove it, but here. I’m reciting Mexican immigration law: You’re a foreigner, shut your mouth or get out. The Obama campaign has taken “shut your mouth or get out” from this commentary and put it in an Obama ad and claiming I said that about Mexicans in this country, when I never have, plain and simple. Also, what is the other quote they have me saying? I don’t have it in front of me. Stupid and unskilled Mexicans. That was way back in 1994 from the NAFTA debate, and I was chiding Americans — remember, I was pro-NAFTA — I was chiding Americans for being afraid of losing the kind of jobs that would go to an unskilled workforce. I was referring to the stupid and unskilled workers in this country, too, as a sales pitch for NAFTA, don’t worry about these kind of jobs, they’re jobs you won’t do anyway, is what I said back in 1994. And both of these things have been taken out of context on purpose…

What Obama wants is for hispanics to hate Republicans - doesn’t matter that McCain has a long pro-immigrant history, doesn’t matter that Rush never said the things Obama claims…all that matters is that hate be created and made to fester, because Obama feels this will help him with hispanic voters in November. I recall ads out here in Nevada from Obama just prior to the caucuses which absurdly claimed Hillary was anti-hispanic - in other words, this race-baiting is not something new from Obama, but is a tactic the Obama campaign appears to rely upon.


Anonymous said...

They're worried because polls show Latinos voting Obama 80-20 in Colorado and New mexico and they know if they lose both those states it's over.

Sergei Andropov said...

"I never said that."

"I did say it"

"the real Republicans like me are saying, shut your mouth or get out."

"The Obama campaign has taken 'shut your mouth or get out' from this commentary and put it in an Obama ad and claiming I said that about Mexicans in this country, when I never have"

I do wish he'd make up his mind.

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