Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nobody Loves Ed Hochuli More Than Ed Hochuli

We are constantly told this clown is the best ref in the NFL and he works Superbowl after Superbowl. Yet he fucks up more games than any other Referee. If you saw the Chargers-Broncos game you saw him fuck up another game. Of course he made a "human error" nevermind the damage caused by that error. If the Chargers come down to being one game out of the playoffs I am sure Hochuli's fuck up will be forgotten.

What really pisses me off is there will be no penalty for this clown. He won't be fired. he won't be fined. He'll be back working next week flexing for the camera taking 20 minutes to explain a basic call and fucking another team out of a victory. Fuck Ed Hochuli.

Late Edit from Jonathan: Fuck you, you cocksucking, game-stealing, rat bastard motherfucker!!!!


theroachman said...

Has to be the worse call in a long time.

And I am a Raider Fan so you know I know what I am talking about

theroachman said...

And I just wanted to add that just because the Raiders are ahead of the Chargers....

Ill just be quiet :D

Anonymous said...

Roach don't get mad at me for saying this. The Raiders will not be good again until Al Davis dies. Just sayin.

theroachman said...

Saddly I must 100% Agree

They suck. But they have a good coach till some time later this week and a great QB and two good running backs. How someone can meddle with such potential is just crazy.

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