Friday, September 26, 2008

Debate 1 Tonight

from Ole Miss.

2 questions before we start. Will I stay awake through the whole debate?
Will John McFilthy stay awake through the whole debate?

Anyway it's about an hour away. Discussith.

McFilthy just said he would veto every spending bill. I shit you not.

$5,000 health care credit. And a band aid for you severed arm.

now McCain wants defense spending. Hey I thought he would veto every spending bill.

So McFilthy where are all these troops going to come from?


Count Istvan said...

Obviously I am biased but I thought Obama mopped the floor with him.

I will veto all spending bills
N. Koreans are three inches shorter
$5000 tax credit for health care...

I mean WTF?

Count Istvan said...

Oh about Kissenger...

Kissinger, speaking Monday at George Washington University along with four other former U.S. State Department secretaries, said the next president should initiate high-level discussions with Iran "without conditions," ABC News reported.

John McFilthy is a liar.

Sergei Andropov said...

Orr he just doesn't listen to his advisers.

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