Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Night Football Thread

Every Monday night game I am reminded of the biggest waste of talent maybe ever. I am talking of course of Hank Williams Jr. Back long before the Liquor and pills ate his brain and he became a complete and total joke the man could have been somebody. When he was 15 he recorded the soundtrack to the biography of his father and he had all the talent in the world. Now of course he's nothing but an unwashed joke. A parody of his fan base. he's Country music's answer to Ralph. You aren't sure if he's being serious and is just a nutty joke or if he's a parody and he's laughing at the clowns making him a name.

Why does DU insist on insulting the only man who has won a presidential election for the party they claim to represent in the last 28 years? Now they have their panties in a wad over the fact that Bill Clinton said something on the view. I swear 60% of that board is brain dead. Of course that's about the going rate of humanity in general so why should DU be any different.

Thank God for Serius radio. I know that ESPN will have their mouths full of Favre nuts all night long and the Westwood One radio crew probably does as well. But thanks to Serius I can watch the game and listen to the Charger announcers. Yes the broadcast is behind the game a bit but that doesn't bother me. I am not really a Chargers fan but I can-not root for any team with Favre and Bill Callahan.

Grrr.....Rivers just threw a pick and the Jets returned it for a TD.

Michelle you looking good tonight girl. I have a sneaking fondness for Michelle Tafoya. Everytime she's around good things happen.

Favre throws a pick for a TD. Bill Callahan's offensive line is not protecting Favre.

Shit the Jets ran the kick back to the 5.

That onside kick was a Bill Callahan special.

2 picks for Favre and he's getting frustrated.

I think S.D. has this one.

Did I speak too soon?

Ok Now it's over for sure.

9 inches away and they spread it out and throw it. Tell me Nebraska it familiar to you? I know Billy C. is just the line coach but...his stink is all over the Jets.

The sad thing now is The Chargers have been in prevent defense mode the whole 4th quarter so Favre is starting to put up good numbers. So they'll lose but we'll have to hear about how fucking great he is.

And as I type that S.D. Picks off Favre and ends the game. 48-29.


Jonathan said...

Do my eyes deceive me? The Chargers are playing solid defense??

And btw: new rule, don't throw the ball to Antonio Cromarte into tight coverage. He will intercept the ball and make you pay dearly for it.

Anonymous said...

I corrected a paragraph. obviously I meant the only candidate that has won an election since 1980. yes I know Al Gore did as well but since he didn't serve he didn't win. off my soap box.

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