Monday, September 15, 2008

Margolis and Noonan: Still as stupid as ever: Part 1

I haven't done an update on the parade of fools at Blogs for Victory for a while now, so let's check up on the dumb and dumber of the blogsphere, Matt Margolis and Mark Noonan.

Here's Matt gloating that Barack Obama is in danger of losing New York (you'll love this).

This is huge. If this poll is correct, New York is in play. If New York is in play, then this is really bad news for Barack Obama, as it is clear that as we get closer to the election, McCain is increasing his lead in battleground states, or is closing the gap.

Uh, Matt....Obama's chances of losing New York are about as much as John McCain's is in losing to none, as Real Clear Politics suggests.

Part 2 later tonight...I have a feeling Noonan's gonna cough up a big ol post of stupidity.

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Anonymous said...

The poling sample on the poll that has Obama up by 5% in New York has a polling sample of 600 people.

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