Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I Hope ET Doesn't Mind Me Making A Thread Out Of This...

You'll enjoy this, Count. The OT Forum is being treated to the prose stylings of one "Reformed Liberal" - whose dubious claims to fame include being a black Canadian guy living in Georgia, converted both to Fundie and to Republican, all in the past year. His response to Ori this evening was an instant classic.


Name: Reformed Liberal
Black Canadian
Living In Georgia
Both Fundy and Republican

So...He's a composite of every troll ever.

Renamed trollville.


et said...

I should have added that he's on a mission to convince all black people that Liberalism is the big obstacle to overcoming racism.

Well, good luck with that, RL.

Meanwhile, here's another of his greatest hits:

I stand by what I said, and you can miscontrue as much as you want, liberals are famous for that so to are conservatives). I am a black man, proud (by the way there is only 1 race) but I have seen what liberalim has done to my communinity and I and many other blacks are tired of it.

After a great man like Bill Cosby was shouted down and villafied. I jumped ship.

Most black people hold conservative value and ideals yet are democrats?

FOX News isn't any more racist as any other news organization in the country

Posted by: Reformed Liberal on Thu 7.24 11:43am

All this aside...did I actually see "Coffee" county next to "Bacon" county on that Georgia map, Count? Where are the eggs, toast and hash browns?

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Bill Cosby was conservative. I bet Bill Cosby probably didn't even know. This guy reminds me of Jelly who was posting on the mains when I first discovered NH.

Anonymous said...

Bill maybe a conservative...


But his money ain't.

et said...

Yes, RL loves himself some Cosby.

He has also been famously heard to claim that he "can judge" because he's Pentecostal...just that he can't do so "as a hypocrite."

I wish I was making that up.

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