Saturday, September 13, 2008

Game Day # 3


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Anonymous said...

I know a lot of people probably do not like my football threads but I do these for two reasons. A. I am not on much on Saturdays and it's away for people to post something, anything if they want to.

B. If it wasn't for this I would go crazy. This election is one long roller coaster. Some days,like the last 2, I feel great and I don't see any reason to fret others days I remember that I do not belong to an organized political party I am a Democrat.

So football is my outlet. Honestly it's the one thing from Nebraska I point to with pride. And seeing as how we haven't had a really great team in about 8 years and 3 of those 8 have been 500 or worse even that is shrinking. But much like with the Democrats I may cry, bitch and complain but I don't fall off the bandwagon easily.

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