Thursday, September 4, 2008

Republican National Convention - Day Four

The grand finale of the Republican Convention begins tonight with John McCain accepting the party's nomination for president. Tune in with me and ET, Pb.D when we decode all the B.S. McCain will spew to please his redneck, racist, and ignorant base of dumbfuck conservatives tonight!

Coverage below:

Jonathan 5:54 p.m. PT - If I had know that Palin's speech would bring in the Obama camp 10 million dollars the day after she attacks the Democratic nominee, then I'll say please, Palin - encore, encore!

ET 5:57 PT - Oh, noes! The teleprompter appears to be broken, reports MSNBC.

Jonathan 6:04 p.m. PT - Well, it finally happened. GOP congressman calls Obama 'uppity'. And I finally get get to say the following: what a stupid-ass cracker.

ET 6:40 PT - Cindy is up. I wonder how Vanity Fair will price out this outfit? Her delivery is very monotonous, but then again nothing really substantial is being said.

Count: 8:45 CT. I hate to break in on your fine RNC coverage but this is too funny to pass up. Damail O'Reilly's personal bitch has chimed in on the Obama interview...

Bill O'Reilly won tonight. He won big-time. And he will win next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Barack Obama's answers, so far, have benn fairly decent, although a bit uneven. So far, I think Hilary Clinton did better, but we'll see how the rest of the interview goes.

Jonathan 7:19 p.m. PT - If you look closely amongst the chants of 'USA! USA! USA!', a protester hands the sign: 'you can't win an occupation!' And NBC actually showed the protester holding the sign, too.

Jonathan 7:25 p.m. PT - Ugh. I don't know how much more I can stand the audience mindlessly chanting, 'USA! USA! USA!'

Jonathan 7:29 p.m. PT - Uh, John - when you were calling out the do noting tax-and spend politicians, you are aware that it's been the the Republicans who have been in power for the majority of the time, right?

Jonathan 7:34 p.m. PT - so much for your call for civility, McCain.

Count 9:57 PM CT. According to the Contessa...speech is "bad" "really bad"

ET 8:14 PT - OK, I counted 9 "my friends," a good dozen thumbs-ups, 5 or 6 winks, and a solid 30 of the creepy grins. There was remarkably little substance here, much misrepresentation of the Democratic positions, and a couple of strangely Freudian ways of putting things ("government standing on your side" rather than at or by; "standing up to the values that Americans admire"). A reference to the leadership of the current President but only Laura mentioned by surname. Good and evil, POW POW POW, two classic shots of yawners in the crowd. ET Spouse believes - possibly correctly, I think - that they're just going to lie, lie, lie their way through the rest of the campaign. And it seems to me the height of irony that the man puts forward all this sham humility but then tells us everything that "he" is going to do and winds up with a song custom-written for him. It's a bizarre kind of passive-aggressive hubris.

ET 8:35 PT - Wow. No less a person than a Bush speechwriter just said that he thought the speech was neither very inspiring nor very informative, and he characterized it as "The speech of someone talking about being a past maverick." If that's what a party insider heard, it can't be good. Checking out now for some Daily Show. Jonathan, Count - it's been a privilege!

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Anonymous said...

I read where McCain was going to call for an end to partisan ranker. obviously he slept through the last 2 nights.

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