Tuesday, September 23, 2008

DU Needs To Put Down The Crack Pipe

27. I completely agree with you. But BC is turning into another Prince Phillippe.
Someone you keep in a closet and don't let out. I feel him added to the HRC Camp (not herself) cost her the election. He did her no positive service and should be kept shut.

I'm not saying by what he said on tv today was bad...I'm just expressing my views as a whole, of him throughout the GE and primaries.

I prefer HRC and any of his other surrogates speaking for him. As for Chris Rock, he's a loud mouth punk who irks me at times.

Oh really? We want clinton in the closet?
1992 Electoral Vote Clinton : 370 Bush Sr. 168
1996 Electoral Vote Clinton 379 Dole 159

Yeah so he's the only Democratic candidate who's WON an election since 1980
( yeah yeah I know stolen elections, Karl Rove blah blah blah.) You know what? When you win an Election by 200 electoral votes it's damn tough to steal and since Bill Clinton is the only person who's done that in the last 28 years maybe we ought to cut the man some slack.

I need to keep on mind that many a Du'er is 18 and was 2 when Bill Clinton won his first election. You want to know a big part of the reason the Democratic party is in the sorry shape it's in? Democrats.

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Anonymous said...

2. Bush makes Clinton look good. If we have a really good Dem President,

Bill fades away.

I swear you can't make this shit up. I seriously wonder what the point of the Free Republic is. DU does their job much better than they ever will.

I better quit reading the board. it's taking all my strength to keep from posting something I'll regret.

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