Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This Bailout Bidness

I am going to cop out and say I don't have the answer to this one. I understand the angst that comes from giving fuck-ups and fat cats another 70 Billion when we say we can't afford health care but I also know I have a 64 year old Mother who is losing money quickly and she doesn't want to work until she is 94.

Here is what I do know.

John McFilthy "suspended" his campaign until this "crisis" was dealt with. By the way, where I was I saw several McFilthy commercials AFTER he said he wouldn't be running commercials or campaigning.

McFilthy said he wasn't going to debate Obama until the crisis was solved. He debated anyway.

McFilthy claimed responsibility along with his surrogates this morning when it looked like the bill would pass.

The Republicans in Congress sabotaged Mcfilthy's campaign by voting down the bill adding yet one more nail to the 750 year old's coffin.

McFilthy then said Obama phoned it in while he worked for a solution ( In fact McFilthy was the one "phoning" it in)

McFilthy then blamed Obama for the bill not passing then said it wasn't time to pass blame.

Sarah McNasty made a snide joke about how old Joe Biden is to cheers from the crowd who were either too fucking drunk or much like the Sarahcuda herself too fucking stupid to see the irony since the man at the head of her ticket is 750 years old.

McFilthy then was shown accompaning his Daughter err VP nominee Sarah McNasty (Because she can't handle these though questions on her own and needs her daddy there) Where he cried about "gotcha" journalism because Sarah was asked about Pakistan when she was out at the bar looking for dick...err Votes and answered the question the way McFilthy didn't want her too.

Oh and great answer by the way McFilthy and Mcnasty. "That answer shouldn't count because she was talking to one lowly voter in a pizzeria" ignore the fact that she brought the press along for the purpose of talking to those pions in the Pizza joint.

Maybe she was out looking for dick instead of votes.

What a day. I bet ET ( If she's back in Vancouver) is laughing her ass off at us tonight.


et said...

Hey, Count! Yup, I'm home in Victoria at last, after a most excellent weekend of Off-Topic company. Here's a video from Kim (when the festivities were only just beginning) and I'll be sure to cross-post the weekend's quotable quotes and pictures on the Con blog as soon as I get them sorted out.


The McCain shenanigans are too funny. He's done everything but suspend his campaign so he can go dress up as a superhero and rescue a kitten stuck up a tree somewhere.

But I'm sure that's coming soon...

Sergei Andropov said...

Speaking of Palin, you might like this.

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