Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yeah But Chris Wallace Isn't Sure He's The Presidnent

Hat tip to Ellen on Newshounds and the LA Times for this.

Fox News' Chris Wallace: Is Obama even president?

11:18 AM PT, Jan 20 2009

"Well, again, we're wondering here whether or not Barack Obama in fact is the president of the United States," Chris Wallace told Fox News viewers, well over an hour after Obama had taken the oath of office today.

Fox News replayed the swearing-in moment when President Obama and Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. each bobbled the words to the constitutional oath. "They had a kind of garbled oath," Wallace said.

"It's just conceivable that this will end up going to the courts," Wallace speculated.

A bit of wishful thinking on behalf of (presumably conservative) Fox viewers?

Perhaps. But Wallace quickly added: "As Brit Hume rightly pointed out, if it goes to the Supreme Court, certainly Chief Justice Roberts will say that he took the oath."

— Scott Collins

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