Sunday, January 18, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII Is Set


The fact that the Cardinals are in the Superbowl is still almost too amazing to comprehend. If you can imagine putting the most idiotic, incapable, Incompetent boob you can find and putting him in the highest position of authority in the known universe then you can imagine the Arizona Cardinals in the Super Bowl. And it was yet one more kick to the nadsack of the Detroit Lions. For years the Lions could say "hey at least we aren't the Cardinals" How many times can one team lose in one year?

As for the AFC Championship game we got what we thought we would get. Note to the Steelers stadium crew when a player is lying on the ground with a serious injury and is about to be taken out on a stretcher you may want to hold off playing CCR'S Down On The Corner next time.

Credit Joe Buck. Everytime I think that fucker can't do or say something to make himself look more ignorant he tops himself. Also Credit Jim nance on the AFC side of things for making people feel guilty about caring who won the game when Willis McGhee was lying on the ground.

2 weeks until the Super Bowl.

I like the Steelers by 14.

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