Saturday, January 3, 2009

To A Republican Even New Years Eve Is Political

Fox News is awesome. They made a mistake and they corrected it. Are you all as outraged to see that vile Kathy Griffin on CNN?

They made a mistake by airing this text message about the Magic Negro, and they apologized for it...

Kathy Griffin is a D list comedian who anchored NYE coverage on CNN with Anderson Cooper. She's the one that accepted an award and in her acceptance speech said that God had nothing to do with her winning the award and Jesus can "suck it." Nice, huh?

You don't have to believe in God to be on a news network, but do you think CNN would have ever put somebody next to Anderson Cooper who insulted Muslims or blacks? How about Mel Gibson to cohost?

Cooper is one of the better ones at CNN. He's a liberal but he reports the news straight.

I'm pretty sure he's a liberal, so is Shepard Smith but they're both excellent newsmen because you'd never know it by what they do on air.

They may be homos but I'm pretty sure shepard smith is a lib anderson too. Being homos really doesn't have anything to do with it. Shepard Smith wanted the rebel flag removed from the stadium at Ole Miss.

Troll? You lower the discourse to name calling?

I don't think so, there was nothing cooler than seeing a sea of rebel flags in the student section at Ole Miss.

I don't know why you all hate the number one name in news.

boil over, count. we've lost more people to murders in Obamas chicago than we lost in Iraq recently. Plus, Iraq is being fought by people who volunteered for the military and are happy to serve their country.

It's Marcus. I am so sick of this fucking clown.


et said...

How many 18-year-olds in Grenada are so engrossed with American politics? Surefire troll. No question.

And a very tiresome one at that.

Dave said...

To A Republican Even New Years Eve Is Political

That would only be true if the typical Republican still had a grasp of politics. Tribalism is more like it.

Anonymous said...

Dave that is true.

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