Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hear Ye Parents And Role Models You Have A Job To Do.

We now have less than 10 days until the end of the Bush presidency. Damn that feels good to say does it not? But your biggest job is yet in front of you. And while generally speaking I am not one who believes in spreading my believes in such manners on my Nieces and Nephews I will make an exception in George W. Bush's case. We must teach our youngsters how awful this man and the last 8 years were less they not learn from it and we forget it. If for one minute I expected history to be recorded as it actually went down I wouldn't be quite so adamant about this. But I lived through the buffoonery of the Reagan presidency and the 80's which saw a country becoming dependent on Cocaine and the spread of the worst, deadliest world wide disease ever. Now because those who own History get to dictate it Reagan is somehow some kind of Superman and the 80's were the greatest decade ever. We can not let the blatant revision of Bush and his time in office become the truth. The historians are, the ones who greatly enjoyed their tax breaks the last 8 years are going to say what they are going to say. We've seen how they work now it's up to us to teach the truth to those we love the most.

Someday I hope to be a Father and as a parent I will say what I believe are some of the most important words any of us can tell younger generations. (each in their own style of course) (son) (daughter) There are some things and people that you are just going to have to study on your own and form your own opinions on and trust your own judgment But that George W. Bush was one of the most fucking worthless sons a bitches in our Country's history. Him and his Presidency almost single handily killed this country. And as bad as he was even in the end 25% Of your countrymen were happy to sit on their worthless asses and let him do it. Almost all of us, even the very worst of us, have some qualities that are praise worthy but I can tell you that Son of a bitch and the Sons of bitches he surrounded himself with had absolutely zero. The day may come when someone in a position of a authority, like a teacher or a boss, may tell you otherwise and you may have to sit there for the sake of your grade or paycheck and just nod your head while those idiots drone on wearily. But don't you ever forget. The Man was a fucking loser and a disgrace and for the sake of your country if you love it don't you dare elect another one.


Anonymous said...

The Man was a fucking loser and a disgrace and for the sake of your country if you love it don't you dare elect another one.

As opposed to you with your sorry ass blog.....Baaaaa Haaaaaaa!

Fucking wanker!

Anonymous said...

^^^ And if you need to show your children exhibit A of who supported this clown. Don't hurt yourself jerking off to Palin.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this pathetic cocksucker is proud of the thousands of deaths he was a cheerleader for.

Anonymous said...

What about the thousands of deaths he prevented by keeping us safe for 8 years.

Ungrateful POS.

Anonymous said...

We've got a live one folks.

What about the thousands of deaths he prevented by keeping us safe for 8 years.

Oh you mean by ignoring PDB's that lead to 9/11? Or doing noting about Katrina? thank you so much George.

And your wrong. I am very grateful that piece of shit is leaving office.

Anonymous said...

What about the thousands of deaths he instigated by starting the wrong war in the wrong country for the wrong reasons, on fabricated grounds and just coincidentally lining the pockets of his corporate cronies? Go ahead, "W" fan. Count the bodies and the wounded and those otherwise scarred for life. We'll wait.

By all means, continue to applaud the flight-suited Action Figure playing dress-up for small-minded folks like yourself, and eagerly gobble up all the puerile talking points he and his handlers feed you so gleefully. But if you think that GWB is all that has stood between you and Armageddon for the past eight years, I have a few dozen bridges I'd love to sell you, as well as an enticing offer from a Nigerian prince looking for a secure investment opportunity in exchange for only a little of your personal banking information.

Jesus Christ, crawl out from where you're shuddering under your bed worrying about whether Jack Bauer can save you *this time* and take a realistic look at the world for a change.

Your hero GWB has wrought more turmoil and tragedy around the globe, and done more than whole generations have accomplished to tarnish the American reputation worldwide, than anyone could ever have imagined possible.

I suppose that's what you think of as success.

Thankfully, the U.S. electorate with, you know, brain cells, will in less than a week have a Chief Executive in place whose contrast to Bush will cement your hero's legacy for all time as what it is - a dismal failure on just about every possible front.

Anonymous said...


et said...

Thanks, Count. I cannot tell a lie, I did it with my little rhetorical hatchet....

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