Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The View From My Ass

In The spirit of poor sportsmanship

Before I begin what I am sure is to be another award winning paragraph's long diatribe about nothing I would like to take the time to spike the football on the glorious wingnuts who...whom...that what read this page.

The Next Senator From Minnesota.

Now I don't care if you are a fan of Al Franken or not you have to love the fact that A. Billo's head just exploded. B. El Rush-Bo shit his drawers C. Pussy boy Norm is gone and D. The wingnuts hate him. Oh yeah Norm still has the hope the courts (Why does he insist on wasting the tax payers of Minnesota's money?) bail him out but really Norm's got as much of a chance to be Senator of Minnesota as Tarvaris Jackson does right now.

The Best Quarterback currently In A Vikings Uniform...Oh God!

What Have The Banned And Dangerous Ministries Inspired You To Do?

I took a trip over to Ralph's playland today and noticed he seems to think that he alone kept Hillary Clinton from becoming President.

Standing up for America against Demlibs and others in the Axis of Hate! An online/windshield ministry sharing the truth in these last days!!!!! The news source that empowered Americans to defeat PIAPS in 2008!!!!

You D'man Ralph. Thanks to you Hillary Clinton will never be put in an important government position and and the Democrats will never win an election! Oh wait? The Democrats did what? Hillary Clinton was named what? Damn Ralph looks like your windshield ministry accomplished jackshit. way to go buddy! Since we all know banned and dangerous ministries is way better than that two bit piece of shit outfit Ralph runs I'd like to know what are ministry empowered you to do.

I cussed out a really old man

So Sunday I stopped and watched two minutes of the Conservative News Network because the Contessa had it on and I heard Larry King actually ask James Carville

"Are you surprised at the lack of response from Barack Obama over the issue of Israel and Hamas"

I couldn't believe it. Well yes I could. I actually responded to Larry for Mr. Carville. I said " He's not the fucking President you stupid old son of a bitch" " Why don't you care about the lack of response from the guy who is President?"

Carville gave a pretty much the same response as I did with out calling King a stupid old son of a bitch of course. "No Larry I am not. He's not the President yet"

And here's the part of this that really pisses me off. If Obama was making statements everyday on these issues Larry King would sit on his ass, pull his suspenders and tie so tight that they cut off circulation to his ass and brain, take his heart pills and His Viagra so he can fuck wife number 60 after the show and say " our guest is James Carville. James do you think Barack Obama is overstepping his authority by his constant comments to the media?"

How much does this guy suck?

My Thoughts on moderated comments on Newshounds.

I put this off as so long as I could because I know I might say something to piss somebody I like off. Newshounds has gone to comment moderation on it's site to combat trolls. (For the time being I am going to take THE NEWSHOUNDS MOD at her word) I have a mixed opinion about this. At it's best if all of the mods and temp mods are involved, it's a terrible Idea. The site is too big. There are too many posts being made and it will kill the flow of the threads and the conversation. Yeah you'll get rid of the trolls...but you'll get rid of everybody. Hanging them all to get the guilty has never been the best brand of justice.

WARNING!!! If you are a fan of well you know who you may not want to read this next paragraph.

At it's worst, if it's only THE NEWSHOUNDS MOD moderating comments, it is a catastrophically bad idea set in place by an ego ran amuck. So THE NEWSHOUNDS MOD is going to decide which comments are appropriate and which ones are not? This is a disaster waiting to happen folks. For one thing no other Mod, not even Chrish, is anywhere near as Nixonian in how she deals with people she likes and people she doesn't. And I am more than willing to bet that there are as many trolls on her approve list as there are regulars. Is Newshounds only going to be open to the four or five people who kiss THE NEWSHOUNDS MOD'S Ass the most? I really, really ,really, don't want to believe that. That this is just a temporary attempt, albeit a poor one, to curve troll post and not just one more step toward Newshounds becoming THE NEWSHOUNDS MOD'S Personal Playground. How great will it be to open up every thread to 7 people saying "oh golly gee THE NEWSHOUNDS MOD you're so swell" I have dealt with her enough to not to be so sure and I see some bothersome signs already that this is just an attempt to gain more control...

Dear Readers,
We are going to try an experiment of moderating comments. This should cut down on troll posts considerably but it will likely cause a delay in when your posts appear. I'll open a thread in the forum for feedback.

That's great since you have made sure that anybody who might have something to say against it is banned from posting on the forum.

Like I said for the time being I'll give her he benefit of the doubt and believe this is an attempt to curve the idiots and not yet one more instance of the Newshounds version of Lenin and the Russian revolution.Whatever the intention I think it's a terrible idea.


Now On to Something Entirely More Important And Pleasant.

This paragraph is for those with Children or younger relatives.I have a 7 year old nephew "I call him my Nephew but his Mother and my brother aren't married yet" ( it's scheduled for June) God I love this little guy. We had him over on Saturday about a week and a half ago to spend the night and so he could play my PS 3. He's like a little Count only with more potential than I ever dreamed of having. He loves football, all sports really and he's so smart, I buy him programs from sporting events and he reads them cover to cover. When he sees me he sits with me and he's always asking me questions then agreeing with me. He asked me who I voted for President and when I told him Obama he said "me too" He was a Lakers fan and when he saw I was a Celtics fan he became a Celtics fan. He saw my "Losers" shirt and he said that's right the Lakers are losers.

That's the problem though He seems to actually look at me as someone to aspire to be. I know this is not the best time to quote Charles Barkley BUT I am not a role model. I cuss too much, I have a bad temper, I can be rude, The list goes on. Seriously If I wanted to be a role model I'd go and find some kid I couldn't stand and say hey like me. Not this boy that I have grown so fond of. I am trying to find that delicate balance of being an adult that he can trust and admire with out selling myself as somebody he should aspire to be. Maybe I am selling myself short on this thing maybe I am a better influence on him than I think I am or just maybe I am no worse than most anybody else. Last year my Brother took him to his first Nebraska game which was that 41-40 disaster against Ball State. Afterwords he says to me "Hey Uncle Steve guess what" "Nebraska's defense is called the blackshirts and you know what?" "They suck" Once I got done laughing I just said that's my boy. He was going through my PS 3 games and he found my Quantum Of Solace game and he said "My Mom probably wouldn't let me play this" Hell I was hoping he would teach me how to play. Instead he played NCAA 09 and Maddens all night. Maybe I can teach him lessons from being a Nebraska basketball fan. About loyalty, support and commitment to those people and things you love no matter what. IF I have any good qualities. I believe that these are it.

Actually Marcus and Bob could wear this shirt...Mine's Blue...

That's all for part 1.


Count Istvan


Anonymous said...

looks like the Count is alone in his nay vote on comment moderation. :)

et said...

Your observation on the chilling effect on the flow of conversation is a point well taken. That's a big risk on a fast-moving site. On the other hand, I know that there are at least a couple of regs helping the blog originators with moderation, so I'm hoping that will work in favor of diversity vs. dictatorship.

So I hope for the best... ;-)

PS - BTW, couldn't agree more on Coleman. These guys just never take a high road when they can travel the low one instead.

Anonymous said...

I must say I posted part of my complaint about Comment Moderation at it was posted which makes me feel better.

et said...

it was posted which makes me feel better

This bodes well!

Got to get to sleep - I can feel a cold coming on, and not slowly, either.


Anonymous said...

How can anyone respect Coulter or Drudge for their lying 'banned from NBC' campaign to help her sell books? Nerdy Drudge turned into a typical MSM hack for his secret love Coulter. Anyway, Ann Coulter’s book is not outrageous. She is part of the neo-con, zionist machine. Her books are not controversial, they are neo-con wet dreams. Read a book that’s actually been banned like “America Deceived”, not a corporate-approved Coulter ‘novel’. Don’t waste your hard-earned money on Coulter.
Last link (before Google Books bends to gov’t Will and drops the title):
America Deceived (book)

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